Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Try it Tuesday

When I'm at home I feel like I need to have something wonderful for dinner and not just a drive through meal. Also, moving things into the house reminded me of some wonderful wedding gifts I have not had a chance to use. This is how we ended up trying something new tonight. The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman.
We have one of these and it made the frying really easy and it didn't get all over the kitchen.
I think they turned out great for the first time! Don't they look yum?Oh we also had some fresh from the garden green beans so it was not all unhealthy. :)

Do you have any yummy recipes you enjoy making in the summer? I would love to try them! It may end up on another try is Tuesday.


  1. yummy!!! that looks great maria!

  2. I'm moving to North Carolina in early September!

  3. thanks for playing along with Sarah's giveaway, and for following my blog! I as well have one of these deep fryers, and have NEVER used it! Someone gave it to us awhile back, they were "cleaning out the cupboards". It's probably better off for our waists that we haven't used it! But the goal is to try and make deep fried oreos at least!