Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh little Cosmo

Alex and I have joked many times about how much our calm, blond, picky eater puppy is like Alex. The crazy, dark haired, eats everything, loud, super cute one is like me. (I added that last past because my list was looking sad but Dorsey and Alex are super cute too) Well, I discovered another way our little one is like me yesterday. I came home and got right to work on all I had to do and just said hello to puppies briefly. Our loud little Cosmo would not shut up! I knew it wasn't his hungry bark because he makes the same sound every time for that and I did feed them. He was driving me crazy so I just picked him up and held him close cuddling a little while and he went on his merry little way. Not another peep! Can dogs have love languages? If so then this little one is a physical touch just like me. Do you ever just need a hug? I love Psalm 91 because it says we are protected under the Almighty's wing. you will not find comfort like that anywhere else no matter how good of a hugger they are! Anyway, love the ones you are with today and hold them close. You never know who may be needing a hug.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh Walmart

Oh Walmart...
Why do I think I can run in there on the way home? Why do I think that people will act like humans in that place? Why do I continue to return to that place? Tonight I fell into the trap of stopping by on the way home again. I looked for a few things and ended up getting the one thing that I really needed. Of course out of 1000000 check out lines there are 4 open. This is a relatively high number compared to some times that I have gone in so I was optimistic. I go to the 20 items or less line. You know how there are two rows and one is closer to the doors and you stand in the middle until one of the two opens up? Oh no I forgot, that is not how it works. You are to sneak around the line and squeeze in between the lines to the front checkout and skip the people waiting. WHAT! I can't stand that! So the line ends up talking about this lady eventually and I end up behind her because she only had 5 items. Her excuse was that she thought we must have thought the line was closed so she would just go ahead. Well, if you know me at all you know that I did open my mouth and told her that we in fact were just waiting in the line. The check out lady must have also thought I was crazy for coming into that place tonight when she said, "You waited in this line for 1 item?" Yes, I did wait in line and yes I only wanted one item. So here is your task. If you ever hear me say that I will just run by on the way home or just save a little money there or whatever my next lame excuse may be.... SAY NO! I should not be allowed to go back in that place or I may yell at someone. Or I may return as I always do and vow again to never return. Why oh why do I never learn.......