Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It is starting to feel like Fall!! I have lovely scarecrow writings hanging in my classroom and acorns and pumpkins in my house. I like fall and the change it brings.

It feels like the dust is settling a little bit in my classroom. Open house was tonight and I made it through. I also got a really sweet, encouraging note from a parent today. Do I have graded papers ready to go home tomorrow? NO. Is that something I'm going to stress about? Nope.

I also hear that the word on the hall is that I'm the mean 4th grade teacher. How does that happen so fast?!?! It was really just this girl who was in my friend's class last year and the little girl told her that I was the mean teacher. The girl could not support her argument with any evidence so I don't think the police/ child services will be called any time soon. :) Tomorrow I don't have a break so we are going to make an art project during the support class time. How is that for being a mean teacher?! :)

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spinning through September

September has been dumb. I have had no words to say that have been worth sharing. I was teaching third grade like crazy Friday and today I started teaching 4th grade. Yes, I had to move rooms. No, I was not allowed to come any time during the weekend. Yes, I did have students in my room Monday and today while I was trying to get things moved and together. I did have a sub but the poor lady had to keep calling me and every time I walked in the room to get something or move anything someone would cry or come over to me. Today I did not have a sub until almost 10:00 and then had 4th graders coming into my new room with their desks a few at a time at 12:30. They did not bring chairs...it was awesome. More kids crying...awesome. No planning time tomorrow...awesome. District walk through tomorrow... not caring what they say at this point.
* deep breath*
It is a new adventure. I can do this. Third grade is said to be way harder to teach than 4th and it is still a good team of teachers. God will not give me more than I can take. I didn't know I could take all of this. :) Oh, but my husband is sweet and went to the store and got things for a nice dinner tonight. Also, Glee is back and it is hard not to relax when you have people singing beautifully at you. I really like that show.

Tomorrow is a new day and will be my first full day as a forth grade teacher. Bring it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The choice is yours

Sometimes when I have too many little nagging things going on it can ruin my spirit and really get me stressed. I have to make the choice to focus on something positive. Here are some positives for this negative Monday.

* Baby shower was a big success this weekend (I hope pictures will come when I can)
* My husband is really sweet
* D. is not rolling down the hallways anymore
* S. only had 1 major melt down and one that I nipped before it got out of control
* A. did 2 subtraction problems without guessing or me telling her what to do
* I figured out that monster fingers work really well to help A.W. with his math
** I still like to teach**