Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Try and Try Again Tuesday

Last week I decided I was going to plan meals and this week was going to be home cooked goodness all week. I had two different chicken dishes that both call for corn flakes in one way or another so I thought it would be great to do them both in one week while I have the cereal.
The cereal has been a down fall of mine from childhood. "Pick one box," Mom would say. This is so hard with all the beautiful boxes as far as the eye can see. I still look down that row and loose my mind. How many boxes can one girl eat?! Do I really need 5 boxes when I am the only one who eats any of them and I always forget the milk? No, probably not. This time it would be different. I was going to use this cereal all week. [Once again not being able to resist a new box, I leave with more than the one box and shake my head in shame]
Well, yesterday I was ready to try the first meal... I ended up throwing frozen chicken in the oven for the sake of time. I decided last minute to go hear Ken Ham again. (So interesting but that could be a whole post) Today I was ready to try again and then I realized this morning that I was fooled again by the cereal aisle and brought home frosted flakes instead of corn flakes! (This is what I get for buying Kroger brand) Plan B was shrimp from my sweet grandparents who gift me with shrimp from the Gulf every so often. Still a nice dinner and I thought hash brown casserole would go nice with that and I knew I had everything because I planned last week and thought it would be a good side. Everything except the missing corn flakes for the top. I thought about how bad it would be to use the frosted flakes or to wash them off some how and then realized that I had potato chips and I thought that would work just fine. It did and all was well in the world.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Earning his keep

Chores include catching flies

Monday, October 3, 2011


It's Fall!!! (I know I'm a little late on this, but it is still fall)
It is time for as much caramel apple spice as I can drink. mmmm
It is also a great time to start breaking out those scarves and if you are not sure how to wear them... look no further.

25 ways in one cute little video