Thursday, January 28, 2010

No one is half way done!!

I have a newish student to my class who came from another teacher at the school and today he was REALLY concerned that I would forget recess. All the boys had a plan for teams and some game and they were all talking about all day and trying not to get conduct marks so they could all play. I like to save recess until the end of the day to ... well... hold over their heads I guess. It just feels nice to have everything done before we play. Mr. Impatience was telling me of the time all afternoon and carefully asking how much longer and also trying not to get in trouble by asking. They were working on some handwriting while I was putting the final touches on our science fair project and he came to me pointing at the clock and all exasperated. "It is almost time and no one is even half way done?!" Mr. Impatience, almost everyone is done that is not staring at the clock. Sit and finish! It did make me laugh though. Those boys worry more about recess than just about anything else at this point.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So many things can take our smiles for a moment of a day or as long as we let them. Yeah, not too many smiles in my class for the past few days. When teaching is trying to wipe the smile off my face I am blessed to have many things that put the smile back in its place. Here are a few things that brought a smile to my face recently.

*my husband bringing me ice cream*
*I asked my nephew where his elbow was and he went and brought me Elmo*
*A student told the music teacher he was having a "flash" fanning himself*
*listening to music*
*grilled cheese*
*someone I love asking Jesus in their heart*

The plan for the rest of the week is to remember some of these things and smile when I don't feel like smiling. Here is one more smile for you...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It doesn't work like that

One of my students did not feel well today. He said his tummy hurt and he was sleepy. I took his temperature and let him get some water and felt like he would feel better after lunch. The rest of the students were working on something and he walks back over to me. I asked he if he was feeling any better.
The little one said, "Well, my feet just hurt."
Me- "Well, could your shoes be too small?"
Little one- "No, I've had these for a while so they are fine."
Me- ok, well then just go back to your desk. (as I shake my head and laugh to myself) He will be fine after lunch and I'll let his mom know he may need a size up on his shoes.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Third Grade

This is my first year teaching third grade and boy is it different from my little first graders last year! I love the independence they have. I love that they come knowing how to read. (most of the time) I love that we can do more with Science and fun experiments. I love that I can give them projects and jobs to do. I love seeing how they grow and think of such interesting things. I even like the ones who take extra work and lots of correction. Well, I enjoy it most of the time.
I have really, really been working with this boy from the first of the year because well... he was behind. Way behind. He is one that had the potential to be a "trouble student", but I didn't want he to be one in my room. He has his days where he wins, but there are days I win too. :) I spent any extra time with him last semester and tried to get him in a program that would give him some more small group time. This is a long process with lots of paper work that was all turn in. I was just waiting for the meeting with all the members of the team and I knew he would qualify for extra help. He was going to get back on track! Yes, I said was.

He moved to Florida.

I should be happy that my "trouble student" is gone.
I emailed my husband right away in shock that he really moved and he sent this word of comfort. "Even the best teachers can only help the ones who are in their class." Simple and obvious but it helped me fell better. It's great to have a sweet husband and 18 others to teach while they are in my room.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I over slept today...

and woke up to this...

Ah! Nothing like a Memphis "blizzard" to keep you at home for a day!

First week back to school has been fine but this is great!