Thursday, January 28, 2010

No one is half way done!!

I have a newish student to my class who came from another teacher at the school and today he was REALLY concerned that I would forget recess. All the boys had a plan for teams and some game and they were all talking about all day and trying not to get conduct marks so they could all play. I like to save recess until the end of the day to ... well... hold over their heads I guess. It just feels nice to have everything done before we play. Mr. Impatience was telling me of the time all afternoon and carefully asking how much longer and also trying not to get in trouble by asking. They were working on some handwriting while I was putting the final touches on our science fair project and he came to me pointing at the clock and all exasperated. "It is almost time and no one is even half way done?!" Mr. Impatience, almost everyone is done that is not staring at the clock. Sit and finish! It did make me laugh though. Those boys worry more about recess than just about anything else at this point.

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  1. That's so funny! Can you imagine being in a little boy's head! Poor thing probably couldn't think of anything else but recess, and his life was in your hands! Lol!