Monday, January 11, 2010

Third Grade

This is my first year teaching third grade and boy is it different from my little first graders last year! I love the independence they have. I love that they come knowing how to read. (most of the time) I love that we can do more with Science and fun experiments. I love that I can give them projects and jobs to do. I love seeing how they grow and think of such interesting things. I even like the ones who take extra work and lots of correction. Well, I enjoy it most of the time.
I have really, really been working with this boy from the first of the year because well... he was behind. Way behind. He is one that had the potential to be a "trouble student", but I didn't want he to be one in my room. He has his days where he wins, but there are days I win too. :) I spent any extra time with him last semester and tried to get him in a program that would give him some more small group time. This is a long process with lots of paper work that was all turn in. I was just waiting for the meeting with all the members of the team and I knew he would qualify for extra help. He was going to get back on track! Yes, I said was.

He moved to Florida.

I should be happy that my "trouble student" is gone.
I emailed my husband right away in shock that he really moved and he sent this word of comfort. "Even the best teachers can only help the ones who are in their class." Simple and obvious but it helped me fell better. It's great to have a sweet husband and 18 others to teach while they are in my room.