Sunday, August 12, 2012

Library projects

The library in my new school is little bitty and does not have much room for cute little reading areas, so I was trying to find a way to make it more cozy. I pinned an idea for a bucket of stuffed animals for the students to sit with while they read and made it tonight. :) Here is the original idea...

 I found this bucket at Walmart and thought it would be just right.
 I got a few letter stickers, a little time and mod podge for good measure and wah la! Here is my reading buddies bucket with my little buddies inside.
The kids will have to make do with the stuffed animals. I am pleased with the way it turned out and now I am going to watch a little more Gillmore Girls. Night World!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dinners on hand

I am back to my normal work schedule and once again thinking of the dreaded question after working... "what's for dinner?" I like to cook, but don't like the cleaning or planning part. I was reading another blog where she was talking about keeping some things on hand for dinner. I really just have two of these that I have done from about the third week of marriage to now. 1. Is grilled cheese :) I know this is a little sad but we have soup with it and I really do like grilled cheese. I think we ate this every week our first year of marriage. (poor Alex) 2. "Brinner" or breakfast for dinner. It is easy, quick, yummy, and can be changed up. It almost always includes waffles and eggs for us.
For these two dinners, I just make sure I always have bread (Alex eats lunch on bread every day so I try to keep a loaf or two in the freezer), eggs, cheese, Bisquick, and milk.

This is a really short list so here is the question for you. What is your go to dinner? What do you always try have on hand?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This and That

   I have teaching on the brain! Most other teacher friends have already had to report to work and I am still at home or going to the classroom in a T-shirt and shorts. :) This does not mean that the work has not begun because I am trying to plan for the year and this new job description.  It is nice to plan lessons while watching Olympics and sitting with my puppies. I have also been up to my classroom many times and I still do not feel all ready to go, but I will be. I am trying to figure out what all the bulletin boards will look like and making some bookmarks for the library. I wish I could just let go of the need for a cute saying on a bulletin board. There is no written rule that it has to rhyme or include a pun but I can't help myself! This is why I still have a board to do and have not started it because I can't figure out how to say, 'here are those who have reached their AR goal' in a cute little way with my little detective dog. (I call him Sherlock Bones... do you see what I mean?) 

     I decided last week that You've Got Mail should be my end of summer movie each year. I get SO excited to see the stores full of school supplies. I just love it! It always makes me think of the line in the movie where he wants to send her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. I was watching the movie last week while making a vase covered in pencils and I think it turned out cute. I forgot to take a picture of mine but it looks something like this...

Right now it is on my desk with pens that look like flowers in it, but I may change that out to at least all the same kind of flower. 

This is also Birthday time for one sister-in-law, two nephews, a friend, and My HUSBAND!!! Yay for all of these wonderful people being born.