Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It is starting to feel like Fall!! I have lovely scarecrow writings hanging in my classroom and acorns and pumpkins in my house. I like fall and the change it brings.

It feels like the dust is settling a little bit in my classroom. Open house was tonight and I made it through. I also got a really sweet, encouraging note from a parent today. Do I have graded papers ready to go home tomorrow? NO. Is that something I'm going to stress about? Nope.

I also hear that the word on the hall is that I'm the mean 4th grade teacher. How does that happen so fast?!?! It was really just this girl who was in my friend's class last year and the little girl told her that I was the mean teacher. The girl could not support her argument with any evidence so I don't think the police/ child services will be called any time soon. :) Tomorrow I don't have a break so we are going to make an art project during the support class time. How is that for being a mean teacher?! :)

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!

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