Monday, October 4, 2010

Once upon an October

Once upon an October there lived a young princess who owned a beautiful studio piano.
[She is a princess because it's my story and because her brother named her the princess poky. I think it sounds much better than the poky little puppy and sometimes just the princess part works just fine.]
This old piano is beautiful because it was free and because it sounds like the one that she once played at her Granny's house. The piano was in desperate need of some love, tuning and a bench. That way the princess could sit and play the three songs she knows and scales until her heart's content. The hunt began and nothing was to be found in all the land that would be tall enough or grand enough for this great find. Also, when the piano is free it feels wrong to be looking at paying $$$ for the bench. I mean really.
One day this new piece of free furniture was discovered in the shed of misfit furniture of the Threlkeld house. A bench could be made from this with a little work!!

In true princess poky fashion, the soon to be bench was nothing but another dusty piece of furniture until the hunt for fabric led to this.
Yes!! That could work! So it was ordered and then still more waiting....for the mail.
Next step was to add some padding for the many hours of sitting and playing that would soon be coming. Then the padding was covered with the new fabric.

The last step was to add wheels so it could slide out is a hurry if you feel the need for a song. It is really heavy so this is better for the floors too.
It's all done and fit for a queen.. or princess. :) So they lived happily ever after.
Does anyone know how to tune a piano?


  1. It looks So good Maria! And that fall leaf picture from your previous post is my wallpaper on my computer at home :) Great minds...

  2. Cute! So if you know how to recover seats.. perhaps you could help me recover our dining room chairs... :)

  3. Thanks everyone! I was pleased with how it turned out.

    Andrea, yes great minds :)

    Jenny, I would be happy to try with you, but I am for sure not an expert.