Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spinning through September

September has been dumb. I have had no words to say that have been worth sharing. I was teaching third grade like crazy Friday and today I started teaching 4th grade. Yes, I had to move rooms. No, I was not allowed to come any time during the weekend. Yes, I did have students in my room Monday and today while I was trying to get things moved and together. I did have a sub but the poor lady had to keep calling me and every time I walked in the room to get something or move anything someone would cry or come over to me. Today I did not have a sub until almost 10:00 and then had 4th graders coming into my new room with their desks a few at a time at 12:30. They did not bring chairs...it was awesome. More kids crying...awesome. No planning time tomorrow...awesome. District walk through tomorrow... not caring what they say at this point.
* deep breath*
It is a new adventure. I can do this. Third grade is said to be way harder to teach than 4th and it is still a good team of teachers. God will not give me more than I can take. I didn't know I could take all of this. :) Oh, but my husband is sweet and went to the store and got things for a nice dinner tonight. Also, Glee is back and it is hard not to relax when you have people singing beautifully at you. I really like that show.

Tomorrow is a new day and will be my first full day as a forth grade teacher. Bring it.

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