Monday, June 14, 2010

New Beach Sport

We made it to the beach!!! We had a nice long drive and got to stop at the Georgia Aquarium on the way. Maybe more on that later because it was really cool.

Today we began a new sport on the beach. We don't have the waves of Florida to play in so when the tide goes down in the afternoon we were ready to play! The tide leaves a nice muddy platform that is perfect for the boogie board to slide over. One person gets on and the other pulls you while sloshing mud on your face until they stop running and let you fly! So fun! Unless you are being pushed instead of being pulled and then it ends with a nose dive into the mud and a really dirty swimsuit. Here take a look.....
This is Jenny on the runway
Where Alex is standing is where he stops running and you can see how far you fly across the mud when it is done rightThis is the wrong way to start
because you will end up like this