Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moment I know he knows me

My sweet husband was cutting down the rest of the fallen tree in our backyard. I was gone and his dad was helping him. His dad had a rope around the stump ready to drag it to the curb with the other branches when my husband stopped him. "Maria is going to want to keep that." Yep, he knows me well. When we were cleaning out the flower beds I kept finding rocks I wanted to keep and when we trimmed the cratmertals I wanted to keep walking sticks. At first I was thinking it would be a cute seat outside or a table for out there or a small bench. Then I found different inspiration and may have changed my mind. What do ya think?


  1. oh em gee. Love love love love it. I guess you would need to seal the wood so it wouldn't rot? How do they do that? I adore this. DO IT!! Then have me over and let me use it.