Monday, May 16, 2011

Historical/ educational moment

I was proud to sit with my class today and hear the President share at Booker T Washington's high school commencement ceremony today. (We watched the live feed as BTW is in our viewing area) One student who was not really wanting to listen said he didn't know why it was a big deal because he is just a man. I told him I don't care if you agree with him or like what he is wearing or doing, we need to respect his position and respect him as our leader, so he listened anyway. I really wanted my class to see and understand that things like presidents coming to town and speaking at graduations does not happen everyday. I wanted them to hear from him how important education really is for them and their future. One of my favorite things he said was about how some people do not think they will ever use algebra so why learn it at all. Well, you are going to need deductive and problem solving skills many times in your life and that is algebra. Yes! Well, he said it better than than, but you get the idea. I also wanted them to hear that high school is only the beginning. I want every child I teach to graduate from high school, but I would also hope that many go on to college.
The school year is wrapping up for the year and I always think about how I am sending them off with my name on them forever good or bad as their _grade teacher. (It has been a different grade each year, but the thought is the same.) I want them to remember something that I have taught them. I want them to look back on the year as a positive year in their education. I also want them to grow and advance for many years to come.
Each year is very different from the last and I am looking forward to the year to come and also want to finish this year well.
.....this was a little more than I intended on talking about today but to sum up... 1. respect those in authority over you 2. education is so important 3. I stinking LOVE teaching and all my little ones I get to pour into for 180 days [360 for those lucky ones I've had for two years ;) ]

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