Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mouse Stories

I love this book about the little mouse who just didn't know when to stop. One thing just leads to another and another. I have thought many many times about this little mouse when I start something and I know it will not stop with just the one thing.
A few weekends ago I got a phone call that led to one of these little "if you give a mouse a cookie" moments. It started with my granddaddy at the farmer's market selling figs. Well, if you sell figs at the market then you will want to buy things from the market. If you buy too many things from the market you will fill up your freezer. You may want to encourage your granddaughter to get her own freezer to hold MORE wonderful peas and corn from the market. She may end up with something like this. After you have a freezer like this you may feel like you need to put up a ton of wonderful peas, corn, beans, peppers, and whatever else you can find. Be careful because it may take more than a whole Saturday to do this. But in the end you will have a happy freezer with lots of great things for the winter!!
...then you may start thinking of looking at a Costco card :)