Saturday, August 21, 2010

Curtains and Cash

The day is almost here!! "What day" you ask? The day when I will be getting my pay checks regularly again!!! Hip hip hooray!
So I got to thinking...

It is about time to hang some curtains in the master bedroom. The blinds are fine but I need
some fabric hanging and Alex would like to block a little more light. But where to begin and what to pick? I'll show you what it looks like now and a few things I have come across so far.


(I would also love a little chair or bench there and new bedroom furniture but that's another post)

I love that these are so romantic and girly, but they don't come in a color that would work for the room. Oh yeah and the price tag is a little much.

I saw this a while back and think it is a cool idea, but I just don't know if it fits with the rest of the room. I love how it looks on the dark walls.

Any ideas? Where do you like to shop or get inspired for window treatments?


  1. We don't have curtains in our master bedroom yet either! Haha! I like finding inspiration in Pottery Barn catalogs and then getting cheaper alternatives at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my 20% off coupons. That's what I did for our living room.

  2. I LOVE those ruffle curtains. I keep trying to find a place in the house that I can put them :) I like West Elm, PB, Anthropologie and UO for curtains. I've gotten some of mine from BB&B and World Market though too moreso on the cheap and I really like them. You never know what they'll have at the PB and WE outlet here either...might be worth a look.

  3. I have looked at the outlet here and BB&B online. Well, I have looked a lot of places. I will just keep looking. :)

  4. The Urban Outfitters one is my fav for sure. i like the branch but i'm not feeling it in your room. :-(