Sunday, September 23, 2012


I needed to make a dessert the other day and couldn't decide between fruit and chocolate. Such a delema I know. I had a thought that if I made cookies that I could make chocolate and some other kind too. Mmmm it was sounding great to me. Then I was thinking of the no-bake cookies that Alex is not crazy about and I could eat all day long and knew that had to be cookies #1. Yes, it was perfect because I would still have my oven open for cookie #2! I went to Brown Eyed Baker's website because she has the no-bake cookie recipe that I have used before and I found a recipe for a lemon burst cookie. It looked super cute and met my non chocolate requirement so that is what I made. Who really cared what cookie #2 was because I was going to be eating #1 for days :)
Well, they were all made when Alex arrived home and he went for a lemon cookie. I must stop here and say that Alex has a favorite adjective that makes my eyes roll envollentaroly. He loves to describe most everything as..."fine". I have all but baned the word and he loves to kindly bother me about my obsession with not using only this word. 

Back to cookies. So he takes a bite of the lemon cookie and says, "Delicious." He smiled because I smiled and I thought this was another try not to say fine situation. That is unil he asked if there were any left when I got home that night. He really thought they were delicious!! 

So in conclusion, no-bake cookies are yummy so make them all for yourself. Then make the delicious lemon burst cookies because they are beautiful and so much better than fine. Here is the recipe link. Some changes I made were not adding the extract simply because I didn't have any and I added a splash of key lime juice because I did have some. 
The photo is the last cookie because they were that good. 

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  1. yay! thanks! I love a good lemon cookie and I needed a new recipe to try :) thanks!