Monday, July 11, 2011

Penny for your thoughts

Alex and I are trying to plan a quick trip for October. I would like to see a show and a food friend in NY but the hotel alone is a little high. I want to see the Grand Canyon bad. I want to go to a state I've never been to before. Alex would like any of that but would also really like to go to Disneyworld if I had more days off. What to do?! Jenny had the question on her Facebook and I thought it would be a fun poll.
So, if you had about 5 days in October where would you go and why? (It doesn't have to be one I shared)


  1. You should go to the Grand Canyon b/c the Grand Canyon to you is the Empire State Building to me :)

  2. You should go to Disneyworld because then you could see your awesome friends that only live an hour away and always want an excuse to head to Orlando :D

    But, the Grandy Canyon would be really cool too :)