Thursday, March 3, 2011

weekend yet?

Not so much time to tell you about all the wonderful moments in my life right now. 4th grade has taken over my life... for reals.

We did get the dining room light up! Yay! And also put up lights outside in the backyard and a motion light in front. Now we can enjoy beautiful weather outside and see what is going on our grill without holding a flashlight. :) Way to go husband.

I am ready to get to spring break and spend some time outside. I think my students are needed a break from me too. This was on Mr. Oh So Fun's hand today..."I hate people" and an arrow pointing to my name also on his hand. That was not so very nice. We need some time away. If I go to bed now it will be Friday sooner and then the weekend. That's the plan.

p.s. in other news... Yay for friends coming in town and getting together Saturday!!!


  1. little jerk! lol... I had a student write "Mrs. Hendry is a B@*!!" on a chair in sharpie last semester. lol. I guess I made quite an impression on her! haha

  2. not very nice at all!!

    and yay for being in town and getting to see you tomorrow!!!