Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thoughts with Pictures

I've got a new idea for the curtains for the bedrooms. I want to add a little more color and I love the idea of these going from lots of color to white.
The problem is that the colors do not match the room at all. I want more jewel tones like these colors.
So I was looking here because Andrea said they were having a sale and saw a new idea. What if I found the colors I like and then make these fun looking spin things. I could put more on the bottom and add the color like the ones on the curtains above that I love. Hummm the possibilities. Thoughts?


  1. Cute!! I really like the more jewel tones... you need to help me pick out some curtains :)

  2. Thanks! I'm getting more and more excited about the idea!

  3. Yah, I really like the idea too. Those are the curtains I was thinking about using upstairs. Great minds :) And you know I'm all over the jewel tones...helloooo my living room :)Those colors would look really pretty in your master bedroom with all that gray and the new dark furniture you're getting!

  4. as long as the colors dont clash, who cares if they match. you know me. :-) it's all about picking a certain style and running with it, all kinds of crazy colors included. so i loveee those curtains and colors!!