Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Time is Near

This is what I want to be doing...
** Baking cookies**
** Watching Christmas movies by a fire**

**Staying in my layers of pajamas, robe, hat and blankets all day**
**Sing Christmas Songs all day**

Instead I am doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge, and getting ready for work tomorrow. (I did sing songs to wake Alex up Sunday. After about 20 minutes we were almost late and I didn't realize I'd been singing so long and he was still pretending to be asleep.) I would say I wanted this week to hurry up and end so I could get to a few of those things, but time has been FLYING by and I can't believe this will be my second Christmas with my husband. I really just want time to slow down a bit so I can enjoy this season and all the blessing from this year.

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