Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boys vs. Girls

My class decided to adopt an "angel" this year. The angels are needy kids that our PTA gathers information and wish lists from around Christmas so they can have some gifts to unwrap. They are all given a code names. Our angel is Harvest. She is a little girl and just asked for a few things on on her little list.
I asked each student to bring $5 if they could or more. A whole week went by and I had a total of $6.00. Yep, only two people brought anything....... yikes. Then I got this idea from another teacher to make it a compitition between boys and girls. WOW the kids were pulling money out of desks and lockers! Boys- $20 Girls - $6.25 They boys were really into winning although I NEVER said there would be any kind of prize for the winner. :) Today the girls stepped it up and we were tied at $22.25. The change started coming out and people are saying they are bringing more money in tomorrow. Looks like Harvest will be getting the coat, shoes, underwear, pillow pet, and almost everything on her list!

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