Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday 2

What a wonderful Thursday! Really, it was one of the best days of school with my 4th grade class. Amazing what having three out until 10:00 am will do and two out for the day. (Not because they are bad or anything but because 21 and 22 students are just easier to manage than 24) Then I had toutoring and I really love the small group setting.

Now on to "Thankful Thursday" Stuff!! I'm thankful for...

1. Sweet sweet family - I could go on and on here, but really I just love them all.
2. Student, sir hates to read, reading this week! Thank you book fair and a new book! What a difference a good book will do.
3. Sunday nap.
4. Songs - music can really lift my spirit when I need it most
5. Saving money - how nice to not have to run heat or air much around here with nice weather
6. Shoes- silly I know, but I am thankful for some comfortable ones on work days and the cute ones for fun!

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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