Friday, July 23, 2010

I guess it's my thing

I love my family! We were having a great time playing volleyball yesterday and my brother-in-law was standing next to me. I was talking and missed a ball that should have been mine. I told him I was sorry I was talking and his response was, "It's ok, it's your thing" HA I laughed all night about that. It was a really really nice way to say, 'Maria, you talk too much!' I love my family.

I love my husband! When I got home I was talking to my dog in-law (we are watching him this week) Alex said he was going to get me a dog for next summer so I have someone to talk to when I'm home alone. This was a nice way of saying, 'Maybe if you talked to a dog all day you would not talk my ear off when I get home from work.' I love my husband!

I love my job! I can hardly wait to get my classroom all setup. I had a hard time not going nuts the other day buying school supplies because they were all on sale! I'm meeting with some of my team today and I can't wait to see how our team will be able to work together this year when we are all in the building and the same hall. I will also soon be preparing to share what I learned in a week long class to the whole faculty. The group I went with nominated me to do most of the talking and to share all the little songs we learned. "You have a nice speaking voice" or translation, 'You already talk so much you may as well be the one talking so we don't have too.' I love my job. ;)

Have a Fun Friday Everyone!!!