Friday, April 9, 2010

Intruder in the classroom

Mrs. Thomas is fine with spiders and has been known to kill them without skipping a beat. Being in the portables you have to be ready for these kinds of things. Today we had a large intruder in the classroom and it was no little spider. It looked a little like this:

Mrs. Thomas did what she could to get the intruder trapped under a bowl. Then asked for Dictionaries to put on top just in case. One student asked if it was really that strong.... Not sure but no chances were taken. The intruder was left alone until the Dictionaries were student has come forward to moving them at this time.
Time to take action.
We got a piece of construction paper to slide between the bowl and the floor. The pest was slid to the door but did not make it over the threshold before he retreated back in the room and Mrs. Thomas yelped. As you can probably imagine, all of the students were gathered around at this point and ready to take over because obviously Mrs. Thomas is not a fan of the pest. Many faces were made and clear instructions were given the the student before the pest ended up back in the bowl with cardboard under it this time. We took no chances and taped it up all around and headed out the the field behind the portables. We made a circle around the pest and picked a quiet and brave student to remove the lid from the cage we created. Mrs. Thomas stepped back and let them all take their turn to stomp until their little hearts were content. The intruder is gone and Mrs. Thomas may make "pest killer" a classroom job next week just to be safe.


  1. I think Mrs. Thomas is a brave teacher, because this girl wouldn't have ever come even that close to it! Good job, and "pest killer" sounds like a fabulous job! You may inspire and develop the next owner of Terminix :)

  2. hahahah!!! you are such a fun teacher!! how funny!

  3. It was a CRAZY day but fun. We had a spider Friday and it went much easier.