Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Splish, Splash

It is hot outside and we thought that the puppies would like a little pool to cool off in outside. Well, we really were not sure about our cautious Dorsey, but thought maybe Cosmo would like get in and then Dorsey would join. Just as we thought, Cosmo jumped right in and was splashing around. He was playing with whatever little piece of dirt, stick, or leaf he could see. Dorsey circled the pool many times and Alex finally just put him in the pool.

Can you see his little paw he is trying to keep out of the water? :) He was not 100% sure about the whole thing. They played outside a little longer and got all dried off to come inside. Alex and I were eating dinner and it sounded like the water bowl was empty. They let us know but scratching it or moving it around until we fill it up. I went to fill it and found our swimmer splashing around in the full water bowl.

 Yes, that is water all over the wall and the floor and the puppy. He was standing in the bowl until I called his name and put a halt on the fun. What are ya going to do? I guess we were at least successful in finding something Cosmo loves.

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