Friday, May 18, 2012

Fond of fourth grade

I just left my classroom after our last full day of fourth grade. I have not really posted on here much about changes that have come my way, but I'm not really sure if or when I will teach this grade again. I am moving into a position teaching music and library next year. Today is very bitter sweet for me and I know that this is where the Lord is leading me, but not everything about change is fun. I will need to share all the wonderful things I have planned and am looking forward to another day. Today I just want to record to remember a few of the many things I love about teaching fourth grade.
*I love this age! Not too sassy and not too much like babies either
*I love talking with them in small group
*I love to see their faces when they figure out that math that has had them perplexed
*I love the discovery of Science and how it points to our Creator
*I love that my sweet class circled around a classmate at recess to pray because she had gotten some bad news
*I love when they get all excited when I say anything like, "Mrs. Thomas says to stand up behind your desk."
* I love seeing them work together in groups to solve problems or make up silly skits
* I have hearing their hearts
* I love to see what they really have on their minds when they want to sit and talk at recess
*I love all the sweet notes and cute pictures
*I LOVE teaching

Yay for field day and class party to get to just spend some fun time with a really great group of fourth graders

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