Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Have Lost Our Shade

Back in August we lost a limb or two from our tree in the backyard and this week we lost another two. It is time to say goodbye to that smelly tree. (well, only smelly for a little in the spring) Alex needed some help getting the branch off the roof and called me for reinforcements. It was cold. :( I was told I didn't need to look cute to cut a limb but I had just gotten home and did not feel like changing clothes just to get all bundled up again, but I did add a hat and my rain boots.
The yard was all kinda soaked from the storm and when the limb dropped it splashed all over me.
Lesson learned. Always dress grungy to saw up a limb.


  1. reason 9876543456789876 why you're awesome and hilarious.

  2. also. i'm sorry about mr. tree.