Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Never Have I Ever

I have never read the story of Ruth as a story of a great daughter-in-law. Have you?
I am in this class on Tuesday nights where we are talking about woman from the Bible and also learning things that a woman should know like organizing, cooking tips, decorating and so on. I am really enjoying it so far and tonight was no exception.
Tonight it was great to hear a passage that I have read before in such a new way. Ruth stayed right by her mother-in-law's side even when her husband was gone and her sister-in-law went too. I'm still thinking about all of this and really not sure what more to say without getting into a really long post, but I know I do want to re-read about Ruth with this new thought.
In other news, I got these today and it sure made for a nice morning. :)

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