Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tears and Testing

It is crunch time in 4th grade. TCAP is a mere 54 school days away and testing is ALL that I am hearing about in meeting after meeting after email blah blah blah. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the pressure we have to "stay off the list" and "meet our goal" and mastering skills. Yuck.
Today I decided to pull a few students one-on-one instead of my usual 5 or six at a time. There were tears, and smiles and blank stares. It was a day full of mess. I am rambling on and I know that no one really cares about my test scores on here and the million trivial things that didn't go my way today. So, when I need a break from frustrations and students who flat our don't give a care I need music for my soul. Do I listen to classical? Soft Christian music? Nope on a day like today I need something that flat out tells me to get my mind on things that matter! Enjoy

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