Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm is a teacher

  1. Yes, I said "I'm is"..... and so does M in my class. Yikes. We are working on this.
  2. When Z does not take his medicine he goes bonkers and then may fall asleep on the floor.
  3. If Z does fall asleep I do not wake him up. :)
  4. Snow days make for interesting weeks
  5. Third graders still like stickers? Yes! I have to remind myself of this.
  6. Math game time is great! I love walking around and hearing, "Oh now I get it!"
  7. I enjoy talking to N at recess about the Memphis tigers or anything else he wants to chat about during the week. This week was about a rock he found because we have been learning about rocks.
  8. Most of my class plays along when Mrs. Thomas wants to sing some made-up song to remember things we are learning.
  9. Simon says is a really really great game to practice good listening. "Don't be last and don't be loud"
  10. Changing schools, grades, administration and things every year is no fun. I would sure love to be at a school where I could stay. I would also really like to teach the same grade for more than a year. Only God knows where I will be next year so for now I just have to enjoy the little moments in my class and learn along with them.


  1. sorry for all the commentary... I kept posting because I didn't see it pop up... I just realized why. haha. sorry bout that.

  2. I love you blogs Maria! my kids go bonkers too from time to time.

  3. I'm sorry you don't know where you'll be working next year. We'll just pray that wherever it is, that it'll be great!